The Homeopathic Treatment of Trauma

Homeopathy is most useful in the treatment of trauma. Whether the problem is from a past event or from an ongoing situation, homeopathy has proved itself over two centuries to be a safe and effective therapy.

It is often the case that some form of counselling or therapy is also required to effect peace of mind. However, the unique perspective that homeopathy provides in the analysis of such cases can be life changing.

To This end I wrote the Three Lost Books of Healing, in case it helps!

I have written a number of papers on the homeopathic treatment of trauma, which were prepared with the written permission of the clients concerned.

I wish to offer my sincere gratitude to them. ‘Alice’ specifically asked me to use her case to “help others”, and both ‘Primrose’ and ‘A Psychiatric Case’ did likewise. They volunteered their histories in the hope that such information may be of help to others enduring similar problems.

For immediate assistance, Peter Chappell’s PTSD healing resonances may be of great benefit.

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