What to Expect

The first consultation will usually last about an hour, may be a little longer. The homeopath will need to know all about your current symptoms, how they started, how they developed! The homeopath will ask you how this effects every area of your life.

The homeopath will ask about your family history, your own personal history, your temperament, your likes, your dislikes and your typical reactions to your environment. This will help the homeopath to discover your own unique pattern – a holistic ‘finger print’ – which the homeopath can then match to your own individually unique remedy substance.

If you do not want to talk in depth about an issue, please do not feel compelled to do so. Homeopathy is not psychotherapy; the sole task of a homeopath is to match your unique energy pattern to your own unique individual remedy.

A homeopath just needs to be able to see your individuality and the essence of your problem.

How often will I need to see a homeopath?

Typically, this is often monthly after your first consultation, although this will vary depending on your complaint.

You may need to come only a couple of times, or you may need to be seen more frequently, and for quite a long period of time.

This often depends upon how long it took you to become ill and why you became ill in the first place.

How are remedies given?

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, discovered that only a microscopic dose was required to treat symptoms, so you may be very surprised at receiving one tiny pill!

It is common in homeopathy to prescribe only one tiny pill, but it will be quite sufficient!

It may be that you will be given a course of pills.

These are to be taken on an empty stomach and on a clean palate, either taken in water or simply dissolved under your tongue.

This will vary depending on your complaint.


Your confidentiality is professionally protected at all times.

This means that a homeopath is not allowed to discuss your case with anyone without your express written permission.

What About Medications You are Already Taking?

Homeopathic remedies can safely be used alongside medications prescribed by your doctor without affecting their action, although this will slow down the effects of the homeopathic remedies somewhat!

However the homeopathic remedies will work through your other medication.

You may, as your health improves, be able to alter your medication but only with the guidance and assistance of your doctor!

Homeopathy is completely safe and the remedies do not have any toxic side effects at all.

Remedies are very kind and can safely be taken by babies and by pregnant women.

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