The Three Lost Books of Healing


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Fragments from The Three Lost Books of Healing

From a primal act of Nature when lightning strikes the Earth,
we can sense the original fusion.
Fire above meets the Earth below.

This wonder comes from outside ourselves,
from the universe.
White ash, red Earth and black charcoal.
These three colours are our original colours.
Their source was our original wonder, our original trauma.

We learnt awe here.
We learnt to think here.
We learnt to paint here.

This is the origin of life and death.
This is the origin of kindness and cruelty,
of love and hate.
This is the origin of trauma and of healing.

We watch as death claims life.
We watch as life grows out of the charred remains of death.
It is apparent that both states arise from each other.
It is apparent that both states are equal and opposite.
It is apparent that we are looking in a Mirror.
This secret truth is so simple we do not perceive it.

If we can understand this secret,
we can sense our own origins,
we can understand the universe.

I have observed during my 50 years in this World,
that this secret truth is the essence of healing.
Its simplicity has always kept it hidden.
I was taught that the best way to hide something is in plain sight,
so I lay before you the Three Lost Books of Healing.

They are only fragments of the Great Work,
but they are the Key!

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