About Sue Young

My name is Sue Young and I am a homeopath, a writer and a human being.

Stop Press April 2014: I have just been awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths for my work on http://sueyounghistories.com/ I am greatly honoured by this award and I am still writing furiously in the background. Though there is little about this on my site at the moment, things are very busy behind the scenes, and I hope to post more about this topic shortly…

As before, I personally continue to see existing clients and clients referred to me by existing clients… and the Society of Homeopaths web site is the port of call for the many others who are looking for a qualified and competent homeopathic practitioner… http://www.homeopathy-soh.org/

Stop Press January 2011: Due to writing and publishing commitments, I will be taking a sabbatical from my homeopathic practice until further notice to meet publication dates for several projects (more information will be posted shortly on these exciting developments). Until further notice, I will continue to see existing clients and clients referred to me by existing clients only – I am sorry about this but I am just one overworked human!

Please do also see my general interests site, which contains a lot more about homeopathy, and my homeopathic biographies site.

About me:

In April 2014, I was awarded  Fellowship of the Society of Homeopathy FSHom for my work on homeopathic histories http://sueyounghistories.com/

I have been a working homeopath since 1991, and I am a Member RSHom of the Society of Homeopaths and on the Register of the Society of Homeopaths.

I am also a post graduate of the College of Practical Homeopathy MCPH and I also hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the City University London.

I was just starting my post graduate studies in the development of language at the Institute of Education, intending to do a PhD in the development of language, when I switched horses and changed my career.

I was half way through training as a speech therapist when I took my first homeopathic remedy.

For the first time in my life, my asthma was gone!

Within four months, I had begun my training in homeopathy and I have never looked back.

Subsequently, I have also spent some time studying history and archaeology at Birkbeck College, University of London, but as I do not need three degrees, I did not finish this one! However, it has fueled a deep interest in the past which becomes more important for me with each passing year.

Homeopathic experience:



  • September 1987 – July 1995: The Sunrise Children’s Clinic Cazenove Road London N16 student practitioner and then homeopathic practitioner
  • September 1992 – March 1995: The Homoeopathy Centre Hackney Road London E2 student practitioner
  • May 1994 – August 2003: Alternative Therapies Clinic Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 homoeopathic practioner
  • January 2004 – April 2004: Shine Holistic Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 homeopathic practitioner
  • May 1995 – February 1996: St Mungo’s Homeless Women’s Hostel homeopathic practitioner
  • January 1991 to present: private homeopathic practice.
  • January 2011 until further notice: on writing sabbatical.

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